The San Diego RM Book Confab Features Rising Authors

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The San Diego RM Book Confab Features Rising Authors

The San Diego RM Book Confab features self-published authors, presents a diverse range of books, and engaging book events.

Fresh from Hong Kong Book Fair, ReadersMagnet is ready to showcase literary treasures during the San Diego RM Book Confab. San Diego is a coastal paradise where sun-soaked beaches, vibrant neighborhoods, and diverse cultures converge. San Diego welcomes tourists to a laid-back lifestyle as they explore world-class attractions like Balboa Park, home to renowned museums and the famous San Diego Zoo. This year, ReadersMagnet flies to San Diego to create an unforgettable Southern California experience

What to Expect During the First Day of the San Diego RM Book Confab?

San Diego will host the third RM Book Confab this August, including engaging #BookTok and Facebook Live sessions. Featuring book excerpts and poems tailored for social media sharing. The iQ SmartCenter provides an optimal environment for self-published authors to establish their expertise. The event will proudly display physical copies of books in designated booths and pay tribute to authors through advertising tarpaulins and VIP badges. Also, the RM Book Confab will effectively engage with librarians via highlighted author newsletters and blog posts. This year, ReadersMagnet has secured a larger booth at SDUTFOB. Showcasing an impressive collection of over a hundred books alongside hosting book signings, interactive BookTok activities, and an exciting Scavenger Hunt. Furthermore, the self-publishing agency remains dedicated to sending press releases and crafting marketing materials to support the attending authors.

ReadersMagnet’s San Diego presence boosts author promotion and industry recognition through RM Book Confab. As an SDUTFOB sponsor, it connects writers with academics, expanding outreach. Book Confab offers dual-day engagements, leveraging #BookTok and streams for co-author and publisher interactions. Held at 655 West Broadway, it caters to diverse genres, reflecting savvy, independent authors.

About San Diego Book Confab 

The San Diego RM Book Confab, by ReadersMagnet, is an innovative assembly especially for book enthusiasts, primarily providing platforms and avenues for independent authors. ReadersMagnet, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a self-publishing enterprise. This self-publishing company commits to assisting both emerging and seasoned authors realize their aspirations. We guide the self-publishing journey, presenting expert guidance, various publishing and promotional choices, editorial assistance, and additional resources. Our ultimate aim is to provide exceptional, author-centric services harmonizing with your financial requirements and creative outlook.

The San Diego Book Confab coincides with The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books (SDUTFOB). Given the one-day event duration at the University of San Diego (USD), we ensure to amplify the prospects for authors to gain heightened exposure. The RM Book Confab was strategically conceived to complement the festival of books.

Featured book and authors 

ReadersMagnet in San Diego features an extraordinary lineup of authors and presents a diverse range of books. San Diego RM Book Confab features “on that Day” by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets and “Echoes of Loneliness” by Diane Troup. Renee’ Servello’s heartwarming tale, “Freckles Finds a Forever Home,” is complemented by Eleanor Gaccetta’s celebration of culinary heritage in “Generations of Good Food.” Carla Atkinson’s “Mama Bear” exudes maternal strength, and Russell J. Rucker’s “Our Founders in Their Words and Why They Matter” provides profound insights into history’s significance.

Guests and Booth Visitors

The San Diego Book Confab welcomes esteemed guests to its literary gathering. Renowned author Eartha L Mims will accompany the event alongside her husband, Victor Mims, sister-in-law Wanza Vinson, and niece Rene Spaights. The vibrant book booths are set to receive a dynamic array of visitors, including the prolific Eartha L Mims herself, Joseph Kenney, Michelle Kim Hall, and Kecia Moore Jones. With such an impressive lineup, the Book Confab promises to be a captivating convergence of literary enthusiasts and creators alike.

Participate in the San Diego Book Confab, coinciding with The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books at USD on August 19-20, Booth No. WE-6 & WE-7 orchestrated by ReadersMagnet. Seize the opportunity to enhance your book’s visibility and prominence. Stay informed through social media channels, or contact them directly at 1-800-805-0762 or via email at [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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