ReadersMagnet Says ‘Ni Hao’ to HKBF the Second Time Around

Blog Contributor | May 28, 2024 | Book Events
ReaadersMagnet in Hongkong Book Fair

With ReadersMagnet’s success soaring to new heights, the self-publishing company is bringing its authors to the Hong Kong Book Fair 2024. This July 17-23, it will bring its advocacy to East Asia.

Hong Kong is best known for the splendor it offers its visitors. With various activities to complete and places to meet, it’s a region that never fails to ‘wow.’ This July 2024, it offers its grandeur to authors and book lovers through its annual Hong Kong Book Fair, which ReadersMagnet proudly joins.

What Makes Hong Kong Book Fair Different?

Another year means another theme for the book event. As a fun little addition to the literary endeavor they’re organizing, the Hong Kong Book Fair hosts different, unique themes yearly.

Creative and informative – No better words describe the event with this flair it executes.

These different themes not only entice more visitors but also make for a big win for every author and exhibitor attending. Instead, it also makes the event more remarkable, gaining recognition, which likewise helps everyone gain traction.

In 2022, the event revolved around the Stories of Hong Kong to savor the region’s rich traditions and history. In 2023, it highlighted the influence of literature in children’s and young adult’s lives with the theme: Reading the World: The Joy of Reading for Children & Youth.

This year, the Hong Kong Book Fair 2024 opens its doors to a whole new world with a more exciting theme. With multiple exhibitors contributing and enriching its advocacy of promoting and enhancing literature, there’s no need to question how interesting the new theme will be.

ReadersMagnet’s Success Expands in Hong Kong

ReadersMagnet’s success reaches a new height as it joins one of the largest book fairs in Asia for the second time around. ReadersMagnet in HKBF 2024 presents new exciting materials to fairgoers with its diverse lineup of authors. The self-publishing and marketing company is a melting pot of culturally diverse authors who are passionate about different matters.

The fairgoers will be able to experience not only ReadersMagnet’s success in gathering such an excellent selection of authors with their materials. But they will also enjoy having enlightening conversations with brilliant authors who can provide wisdom to various aspects of life. ReadersMagnet in HKBF is evidence of the company’s growth and consistent desire to contribute and support literature all over the world.

What Should You Expect This 2024?

As with the involvement of ReadersMagnet in the Hong Kong Book Fair last year, this year is no different. Regarding the projects and the fun it will bring in 2024, the company brings relatively the same endeavors, only improved and better. ReadersMagnet self-publishing has always taken on new challenges for the book-loving community’s fascination and love for literature.

One of the best features the company offers is its online and offline engagements. Invited authors will interact with interested fairgoers and experience a boost in their online reputation as ReadersMagnet simultaneously launches a live-streaming session of the event. During this duration, authors can answer profound questions about their books and journey as literary wonders.

ReadersMagnet’s success during this event isn’t limited to the event’s physical audience but also to the online viewers the company will gather. This initiative isn’t only directed at boosting their name as a marketing company but also helping authors grow their names.

Sail Away With ReadersMagnet to Hong Kong

As one of the largest book fairs in Asia, the HKBF is the best arena for authors to promote themselves to an interested audience. Depending on what the exhibitors they’ll be working with will prepare during the week-long book event, authors can engage with fairgoers, answer questions relevant to their careers, and sign copies of their books for readers to enjoy.

With ReadersMagnet, authors are promised a fascinating lineup of activities that will bring authors closer to their readers. These will help establish a healthy and profound author-reader relationship to nurture the latter’s writing experience. Driven by its steadfast desire to strengthen literature and its influence in society, ReadersMagnet continues to innovate different activities to provide its clients.

If you want to work with us, visit ReadersMagnet during the event or contact us at 1-800-805-0762. You can also email us with your queries at [email protected].

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