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Regardless of book genre, ReadersMagnet opens its door to authors who wish to impart their wisdom and experiences to the world. From fresh takes on marketing initiatives to inventive publishing services, ReadersMagnet provides only the best services that cater to our authors’ demands and needs.

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ReadersMagnet’s authors remain at the top of their games with various opportunities to exhibit their works in book events and continuous distributions of articles about their ideas and stories. With ReadersMagnet, authors aren’t only given more time to work on improving their craft, but they’re also boosting their reputation.

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Best Selling Authors

Here are the authors who caught the most interest and sold the most copies of their books.

Eleanor Gacetta

Eleanor Gacetta

Book Signing Author, Best Selling Author

Eleanor Gacetta brings to the table simple and heartfelt books that everyone can relate to. Having published two books, Generations of Good Food and One Caregiver’s Journey, Eleanor has become familiar with the ins and outs of the literary world,....

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W. Clark Boutwell

Book Signing Author, Best Selling Author

With four books under his name, Walter Clark Boutwell is slowly becoming a household name for dystopian stories. His series, Old Men and Infidels, tells the affairs of two countries with opposite age profiles. Banking on prevalent issues in modern....

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