Hong Kong International Book Fair 2023: What You Need to Know

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Hong Kong International Book Fair 2023: What You Need to Know

ReadersMagnet joins one of Asia’s most prestigious book fairs as an exhibitor.

This July 19-25, the self-publishing and marketing company heads off to Asia to attend its first-ever Asian book fair. Here’s what you need to know about the Hong Kong International Book Fair 2023:

Hong Kong may be filled with wonderful destinations. But for literature enthusiasts, its annual book fair is a reason it deserves a spot on their travel bucket list. What you need to know is that despite The Hong Kong International Book Fair 2023 being relatively smaller than its counterparts in Taiwan or mainland China, its impressive variety of guests and exhibitors neatly makes it a must-see event.

It’s been a while since Hong Kong Book Fair

Before Hong Kong Book Fair became what it is today, it first came from its humble beginnings. After the completion of the first-ever exhibition held by Hong Kong publishers in 1989, the industry felt the need to grow. TDC assisted in making their dreams come true, and in 1990, Hong Kong International Book Fair’s first session was held.

Different Year, Different Theme

Hong Kong International Book Fair’s organizers come up with a unique theme for the event annually. In 2016, the organizers went for the theme: Heroism and Romance of the Chinese Martial World. Last year was a more traditional theme: Stories of Hong Kong, where attendees traveled through time to savor Hong Kong’s traditions. What do they have in store for everyone this year?

Big Numbers Last Year, Even Bigger This Year

Hong Kong’s beloved cultural event managed to invite 700+ exhibitors, which amassed 850,000 visitors last year. This makes the event an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to increase its audience. The event only continues to improve in reputation and grow in size. Be one to benefit from its numbers now!

9 Major Exhibit Categories

Fairgoers expect a rich diversity of materials in any book fair, and the Hong Kong International Book Fair doesn’t fail to deliver. Its impressive list of guests is grouped into nine major categories so fairgoers can choose where to focus on. Hong Kong’s biggest book fair has everything you want, from publications and stationeries to hobby goods.

Children’s Paradise: Anewtoys Limited

One of the nine major exhibit categories is the children’s paradise, and among the numerous confirmed exhibitors is Anewtoys Limited. Fairgoers can enjoy viewing interesting recycled DIY toys and learn how their kids can design stimulating games.

A Product You Might Like: Captain Farmer

This product which has been chosen as one of the more popular items during the 2022 Hong Kong book fair, might be making a reappearance this year. Designed by Oxfam Hong Kong, which happens to be a confirmed exhibitor for this year, the product is suitable for children and children at heart.

A Luxurious Reader? Look for This Bookmark

During last year’s book fair, Well Link Textiles Group Unlimited brought a Brass Bookmark to the event, which immediately caught many fairgoers’ attention. This bookmark is made from brass with a deposed logo and a soft grey leather band, adding a luxurious twist to your reading journey.

An Accessible Online Training Course

Hong Kong International Book Fair doesn’t only house fictional novels and children’s books and materials. It also is a perfect haven for professionals or students looking for excellent study materials. One of the event’s prominent products is the Microsoft Python Basic Online Training Course, a book about Python 3 basic programming.

Who will shine in this year’s art gallery?

Like every year since its establishment, Hong Kong International Book Fair will host an art gallery where exhibitors and guests can display magnificent artworks for the fairgoers to marvel at. More information is yet to be announced by the organizers, so head on to their website and be updated.

Enjoy More While Saving More

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council doesn’t want anyone to miss the event. Hence, they’re giving numerous visitor discount coupons for anyone who wishes to avail. Although no information has been revealed yet, people’s anticipation has risen. Check their website to be updated.

With July already approaching, Hong Kong International Book Fair is slowly unveiling anticipated information and more exciting guests to their lineup. Stay updated about the latest news by visiting their website: https://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/index.html.

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