ReadersMagnet’s Easy Guide to Self-Publishing a Book 2023

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ReadersMagnet’s Easy Guide to Self-Publishing a Book 2023

ReadersMagnet’s easy guide to self-publishing aims to encourage aspiring writers and novelists to make their literary dream come true.

Writing and publishing a book is a great endeavor. They say that every man should write a book, plant a tree, and raise a child if they want to leave a mark in this world. Publishing your book means immortalizing a narrative and sharing it with future generations. With today’s technology and platforms, publishing your book is quite manageable if you are determined to do it and know the easy guide to self-publishing a book.

What is Self-Publishing?

Before we explore the step-by-step process of publishing a book, let’s get to know what self-publishing is and why it’s beneficial for aspiring authors and authors who want to build their careers outside the constraints of traditional publishing.

Self-publishing is the act of publishing your book without the aid of traditional or established publishing houses that usually demand control over your creative ideas, publishing, and marketing rights, as well as the sales and royalties of your book. Therefore, to self-publish is to have full control over your book, from the manuscript to marketing. Over the years, the term ‘self-publishing’ has been associated with terms such as vanity press, indie publishing, and direct publishing. Needless to say, self-publishing has many forms. ReadersMagnet supports authors who want to self-publish their books by providing them with publishing and book marketing services that are affordable and relevant to their needs.

Can I Find Success with Self-Publishing?

There are many notable names in literature who achieved success by self-publishing. While it is a trend nowadays that bestseller authors often go the path of self-publishing, there have been a number of authors throughout history who gained commercial and critical success via their self-published books. The list of successful self-published authors includes Margaret Atwood (Double Persephone), Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Peter Rabbit), Stephen King (People, Places, and Things), Andy Weir (The Martian), E.L. James (50 Shades of Grey), Amanda Brown (Legally Blonde), Christopher Paolini (Eragon), and Lisa Genova (Still Alice).

How Do I Turn My Idea Into A Published Masterpiece?

We all have ideas and stories that we want to share. Many of us dream of someday publishing a book but do not know where to start. ReadersMagnet’s Easy Guide to Self-Publishing a Book will help you identify and take on each step. Below are the things you need to do in order to finally make your dream come true.

  1. Create a manuscript. Whether you are writing a children’s book, a suspense thriller, or a memoir, you need to come up with a manuscript or a draft of your book. In the old days, manuscripts meant handwritten drafts. Today, it can be typed or printed drafts that are unpublished.
  2. Submit your manuscript. In traditional publishing, this could mean submitting your work to publishing houses for approval or feedback. In the self-publishing world, submitting your work simply means putting it forward for editing and other pre-publishing processes. The beauty of self-publishing is that you can have full creative control over your masterpiece. ReadersMagnet welcomes manuscripts from all genres and will gladly help polish your material before putting it out for the world to see.

Manuscripts undergo several processes to ensure that your book is not only error-free but also a world-class masterpiece. Below are some of the processes that ReadersMagnet offers to our partner authors:

Editing. Make corrections when you receive the galley proofs of your book, or allow our editors to polish your manuscript for you. Either way, we ensure that your book is as clean, consistent, and professional as possible.

Design. Combine your ideas with our design team’s expertise to create a visually appealing book cover that will attract the most attention from the bookstands. You may provide us with a concept sketch, an image, or a photograph that you own to help us create a cover that matches your specifications.

Layout. Our book production team adheres to professional interior formatting standards, so you need not worry about the margins, spacing, and image placement. Our team will provide you with a book interior that synchronizes with your genre unless you specify your preferences, which they will accommodate.

What about copyright laws and registration?

Copyright. Make it easy for readers to find your book and for distributors to distribute your work. More importantly, protect your work under U.S. copyright laws. We take care of your book’s ISBN and copyright registrations.

Your book will be sold in physical bookstores and online book retailers worldwide, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We will handle all the logistics for you through our alliances with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other distributors and wholesalers.

Printing. Our advanced print-on-demand technology and flexible pricing allow you to order as many copies of your book as you want. ReadersMagnet offers attractive author volume discounts when you order multiple copies of your book.

Format. Publishing with ReadersMagnet means your book will be made available in both print (paperback and hardcover) and digital (e-book) formats that can be read on significant e-reader brands, such as Kindle and NOOK. We also offer e-book-only packages.

In e-book format, it’s pretty much the same, except for a few more items. Below are a couple of processes:

E-book metadata refers to all the data about your book, including the title, author name, ISBN, published date, and other important information related to your book. It also contains your book’s description or synopsis, a detailed author biography, and other marketing text to help readers find and know more about your book. If you want to sell your e-book fast, consult with your publishing partner on developing great metadata.

Choose the perfect E-Book format.

Before publishing your book, the text needs to be converted into EPUB. EPUB is the file format used by e-book publishers. You can do this by asking your publishing partner for a book formatting and editing service, or you can do it yourself using the latest book editing technology. After that, you are ready to upload your formatted e-book and cover image to whatever platform you choose.

Set a reasonable price.

Deciding on a book price is one of the essential things you must do before publishing your e-book. Remember that your royalty rates will change on some platforms depending on the book’s price. The good thing is that you can constantly adjust your price from time to time. We advise choosing a reasonable price, one that will attract more readers.

Publish and launch E-Book.

Now here is the most important part. After carefully reviewing your book and preparing all the prerequisites listed above, it is time to finally publish your book for the world to see. Publishing in e-book format has many advantages because it is popular, easy to access, has a broad reach, and is inexpensive to publish. Modern readers prefer e-books over hard copies because they are portable, cheaper to buy, and last longer.

Why choose ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing?

ReadersMagnet is an ideal publishing partner because its publishing and book marketing services are designed to fit the author’s needs. Its reputation for bringing authors to the world stage is remarkable. From book fair events to digital marketing strategies (social media advertising, web traffic optimization, radio interviews, book trailers, and book reviews), ReadersMagnet provides top-of-the-line services.

To know more about the easy guide to self-publishing a book, visit our official website at or call us at 1-800-805-0762. What are you waiting for? Choose ReadersMagnet and begin your literary journey with us today!

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